Permanent Basketball Goals – The Facts on Getting the Most Stable Basketball Hoop Possible

Published: 22nd June 2009
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Permanent Basketball Goals - The Facts on Getting the Most Stable Basketball Hoop Possible

When you go shopping for permanent basketball goals, one of the most important features that you should look for is stability. The more overall stable your basketball hoop is, the better rebound it will have when you bounce a basketball against the backboard and the less will shake and wobble when you play on it. But if stability is extremely important to you, there are a few qualities and tricks you definitely need to be aware of before you buy and install your hoop.

Go for the Big Poles - The Pole probably affects the stability of the permanent basketball goal more than anything else. The thicker your pole, the less it will shake. Ideally, you should also go for a one piece pole as opposed to a three piece pole. While a three piece pole, you just don't get the stability as with a one piece. Cheap poles are usually three and half inches, but you can get four, five, and even six inch poles on the best and most stable systems.

Steel Gauge is Important - This information isn't always listed, but when it is, you should look for the gauge of the steel on permanent basketball goals. Gauge steel simply indicates the thickness and density of the actual steel on the pole itself. You want to get the lowest number that you can, ideally a seven or eleven gauge pole. Cheaper systems can have a sixteen or even eighteen gauge pole.

For Brackets, Wider is Better - Brackets are the metal poles that connect from the main cemented pole of the permanent basketball goal to the backboard. How they are positioned on the backboard can have a big impact on how much wobbling and vibration you get when you play on the basketball hoop. You want to try to get the brackets to attach to the backboard on a position that is as close to the edges as possible. The widest stance is called "arena view," which is when the brackets grab the very edges of the backboard.

Consider Filling the Pole with Concrete - This technique is a little controversial, but if you really want to get the most stable permanent basketball goal that you can get, you might want to think about filling up the entire pole with concrete after you install it. This will do two big things. Firstly, the concrete will absorb a lot of the vibration, keeping the basketball backboard stable. Plus, it will just reinforce the pole and keep the whole basketball hoop from wobbling. You should be cautious however, as if you fill the hollow pole with cement you won't be able to ever remove it should you decide you want to upgrade to a better hoop.

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